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We are looking for students ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. If you are up for the task, contact us - we want to get to know you. We are looking for a group of mission-driven individuals who want to have an impact within their corporate setting, start-up, non-profit organizations or their very own local or global community. If you are striving for mastery this program is for you.

  • Duration
    12–18 months
  • Cohort Size
    max. 50 students
  • Effort
    approx. 15–30 hours/week
  • Career Level
    Mid career
  • Format
    Online cohort, self-paced, offline events optional
  • Tuition
    24,000 €
    Substantial scholarships available Learn more

Application Deadline


Admission Criteria

The Professional Master in SET is specifically designed for professionals to study alongside their demanding job(s). It targets mission-driven individuals from diverse backgrounds and has the following minimum requirements:

Undergraduate / Bachelor’s degree
3+ years of Work experience
English language proficiency

Application starts now and ends on April 22nd, 2021.

Key Dates

  • 18.03.

    Early Application Deadline

  • 30.03.

    Corporate Scholarship Deadline

  • 22.04.

    Application Deadline

  • 26.04.

    Welcome & Start of Classes

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

The Tuition Fee of the Professional Master in SET is 24.000 EUR. Members of the  Founding Club - the first student cohort scheduled to begin their studies in April - will also be eligible for the following substantial scholarships:

  • Founding Club Students who apply until March 18th will receive a scholarship of 7,200 EUR, a 30% reduction in tuition fees and pay 16.800€ (application by deadline is enough)
  • Founding Club Students who apply before April 22nd will receive a scholarship of of 4,800 EUR, a 20% reduction in tuition fees and pay 19.200€ (application by deadline is enough)
  • Founding Club Students who represent the values of Tomorrow’s Education and have already shown excellence in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship or Technology can apply for one of the five Global Changemaker Scholarships of 9,000 EUR, a 37.5% reduction in tuition fees and pay 15.000€.

Additionally, students will also be able to apply for one of our Founding Club Partners corporate scholarships. To receive one of the highly-competitive scholarships, students have to enter a business challenge competition. Learn more here.

Talk To Us

Markus Kressler

Head of Student Success

Johanna Salewsky

Campus and Community Management

Career Counseling

Are you not sure if our program is the right one for you or if it matches with your goals?
No problem! Our Student Success team and our partners at WU Executive Academy are true experts in career counseling and would be happy to answer all of your questions!

Application Process

Before you start your application please prepare your Personal Mission Statement and Letter of Motivation. Start your application and upload your Personal Mission Statement and Letter of Motivation as a PDF. If you are interested in applying for a Corporate Scholarship, opt-in at the beginning of the application. Finish your application first. After that continue with the Scholarship Application. Finally, select a slot for a joint Admission Interview with WU.

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