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If you have a vision of a better tomorrow, we can help you get there. We welcome learners who are committed to personal growth and want to have an impact on the world. Whether you want to drive change within your current business, found a start-up, accelerate impact in a non-profit organization or a community, this program is for you.

  • Duration
    12–18 months
  • Cohort Size
    max. 25 students
  • Effort
    approx. 15–30 hours/week
  • Career Level
    Mid career
  • Format
    Online cohort, self-paced, offline events optional
  • Tuition
    24,000 €
    Substantial scholarships available here.

Application Process

Our application process is easy and can be completed in a few simple steps: 

1. Complete an eligibility check or speak with our admissions team.
2. Submit a letter of motivation, along with a bit of additional information.
3. Tomorrow’s Education reviews your information.
4. We’ll ask you to submit information to WU Executive Academy (our accreditation partners). 
5. You’ll be invited to attend an admissions interview with WU Executive Academy.
6. If approved, you’ll sign an admissions contract and send your initial tuition down-payment.Onboard and start your classes with your cohort!

Got questions, or is something not clear? Book an appointment with our admissions team!

Key Dates

  • 09.08.


Tuition Fees & Scholarships

The Tuition Fee of the Professional Master in SET is 24.000 EUR.
This cost can be offset by applying for one of our merit-bases scholarships - see below -
or by speaking to your current employer about using this as an opportunity for professional development.
We are currently accepting applications for the scholarships and urge your to apply!

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