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Our vision: To empower a community of over 1 million agents of change by 2030.

Our Mission

The challenges we face as a global society require us to act in a more focused and impact-oriented way. Our goal is to accelerate impact by redesigning education to learn differently, grow limitlessly, and do work that matters. 


At Tomorrow’s Education we enable you to reach your potential through a new approach to learning. This doesn't mean bringing existing educational approaches to an online format. We leverage science and technology to create a mobile, personalized, and challenge-based learning system, which is accessible, flexible, and engaging. Learning is collaborative among peers and supported by mentors and ambassadors with proven expertise.

We Need Empowered Creators

We believe that by empowering ourselves with knowledge, skills, and competencies — we can increase our circle of control, and with a supportive and collaborative community — we can increase our circle of influence.

Our Formula for Positive Change
Purpose + Capability + Community = IMPACT

Purpose: Purpose at its core means asking why and what matters? We ask you to get clear about why you want to study and what you want to achieve.

You'll develop core competencies in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology — giving you the knowledge and confidence to pursue your path and purpose. 

We are building a strong professional community to grow your network. Our mentors are involved in coaching you through challenges and offering career guidance. Our partners and ambassadors offer their experience and highlight the impact they have already made in their own successful careers and ventures.

On a personal level, we want to see impact in your degree of self-efficacy — your ability to chart their own individual professional path and create positive change on a personal, professional, and societal level.

Our Platform

We developed a state-of-the art, mobile-first learning platform that allows for data-driven instant feedback to maximize your personal study progress. Your studies can happen wherever and whenever.

Our Learning Approach

We teach in a collaborative environment and employ challenged-based methods. Our engaging content is not only focused on developing skills, but a mindset geared towards growth.  You, your peers, mentors, and ambassadors will be connected  throughout the journey — a global community.

Our Curriculum

You'll move through 4 phases of learning based on your individual readiness, allowing you to transform and grow at your own pace. The curriculum in SET is adapted depending on your goals and desired outcomes.

Our Story

Tomorrow’s Education started with a vision that people from all over the globe could make a difference through challenge-based education. Serial entrepreneur Christian Rebernik and Academic Dr. Thomas Funke joined forces to bring this idea to life. The concept came about while homeschooling during the lockdown at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — they saw how antiquated educational systems had simply been transferred to a new medium. Tomorrow’s Education was the solution. Both Funke and Rebernik explain that technology is not an end in itself, however a vehicle that makes learning a more empowering experience.

Learn more about them and the University for a better tomorrow in our article.

Meet Our Team

Our team works remotely from around the world, asynchronously, leveraging digital technologies to solve the challenges that come up along the way. We look for the unique contribution that each person can make and how we can most effectively work together for maximum impact. We're building the future of education for you.

  • Alex

  • Alina

    Business Development
  • Amber

    Marketing & Growth
  • Anna

    Marketing & Growth
  • Bruna

  • Christian

  • Corey

    Student Success
  • Georgii

    HR & Legal
  • Heru Joko

  • Joanne

  • Julia

    Marketing & Growth
  • Kevin

  • Korbinian

    Marketing & Growth
  • Mateusz

  • Oliver

  • Öykü

  • Panni

  • Thamires

  • Thomas

  • Tonny

  • Ulas Can

    Marketing & Growth

How We Partner

Develop and hire forward-thinking leaders to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges.

What you Will get

  • Access to the TOMORROW’s Network of educators, partners, mentors and students
  • Co-create challenges for the skills you look for
  • Get promotion and visibility on media
  • Be part of events and community activities
  • Share job offerings over a variety of channels