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About Us
We're building the university in your pocket.
Tomorrow’s Education is a mobile-first learning platform educating the changemakers of tomorrow.

Our Platfrom

We developed a state-of-the art, mobile-first learning platform that allows for data-driven instant feedback to maximize your personal study progress.

Our teaching method

We teach in a collaborative environment and employ challenged-based and active learning methods. Our engaging content is not only focused on developing skills, but a mindset geared towards growth.

Keep it easy to scan

The SET-Program is structured on the key elements of future knowledge: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology. We believe these three are key to your success.

Our Story

Learn more about our founders story, what drives us to shape the future of education and change the world together in our article: The future of education is in your pocket

Meet Our Team

We're building the future of education for you.

  • Alex

  • Alexander

    Finance & Accounting
  • Anna

    Marketing & Growth
  • Anna-Lena

    Venture Partner
  • Bruna

  • Christian

  • Georgii

    HR & Legal
  • Heru Joko

  • Jeannet-Susann

    Business Development US
  • Joanne

  • Johanna

    Student Success
  • Julia

    Marketing & Growth
  • Kevin

  • Korbinian

    Marketing & Growth
  • Markus

    Student Success
  • Mateusz

  • Oliver

  • Thomas

  • Tonny

  • Ulas Can

    Product & Marketing

How We Partner

Develop and hire forward-thinking leaders to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges.

What you Will get

  • Access to the TOMORROW’s Network of educators, partners, mentors and students
  • Co-create challenges for the skills you look for
  • Get promotion and visibility on media
  • Be part of events and community activities
  • Share job offerings over a variety of channels