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Our Vision: To empower a community of > 1 million creators of positive change by 2030.

Why We're Here

The challenges we face as a global society require us to act in a more focused and impact-oriented way. Our goal is to accelerate impact by redesigning education to learn differently, grow limitlessly and do work that matters.  

At Tomorrow’s Education we enable students to create maximum impact and achieve their greatest personal well being with a new approach to learning. This does not just mean bringing existing educational approaches to an online format. It is a philosophy of learning and of impact that drives our new approach to education. We do this by leveraging science and technology to create a mobile, individualized and challenge-based learning system, which is accessible, flexible, engaging and relevant. Learning is collaborative among peers and supported by mentors and ambassadors with proven expertise and impact.

Our Approach To Learning

Our approach to learning begins with your personal purpose statement to make learning more efficient, rewarding and impact-oriented. All learning is grounded in  a competencies framework for strengthening strengths, understanding the problem and identifying the right tool to solve it. We use actual challenges from the start up and business world to ensure relevance, and apply a sustainability lens over everything to train impact.

Having clarity of purpose, an increase in skills and capabilities, and a strong and supportive community empowers people to take action, to build something, to create for the future. This is what we mean by creators of positive change. 

We Need Empowered Creators

At Tomorrow’s Education we don’t just want our students to become graduates, but rather empowered change makers.

There are many challenges we face on a daily level, and larger challenges that threaten our current way of life. There are things we can control and change (circle of control, circle of influence) and things that are outside of our control. When we worry about problems without taking action, the circle of concern increases - with negative effects on the individual (worry, fear, stress), and no impact for society. 

The most positive approach would be to have a smaller circle of concern, and a larger circle of control and of influence.  The more time you spend on the topics you have under your control or can influence, the more impact you can have. 

Our approach is grounded in the belief that by empowering ourselves with knowledge, skills & competencies - we can increase our circle of control; and with a supportive and collaborative community, we can increase our circle of influence - leading to greater impact. 

Our formula for positive change

Why Purpose? Purpose at its core means asking why and what matters? We ask students to be clear about why they study and what they want to achieve to guide their learning for more clarity and focus. This makes learning efficient, personal and rewarding. 

Capability: Our learners develop core competencies and future capabilities in sustainability, entrepreneurship & technology, giving them knowledge, competencies & confidence to pursue their path & purpose. 

Community: We are building a strong professional community to grow your network and gain influence to achieve your vision. Our mentors are involved in coaching students through challenges and offering career guidance. Our partners and ambassadors are helping to increase relevance by highlighting their impact and real challenges they face in their businesses. Together, we can create better knowledge, more impact and more relevance.

Impact: On a personal level, we want to see impact in our learners' degree of self-efficacy, their ability to chart their own individual professional path and create positive change. We use the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as orientation for impact on a societal level. 

Our Platform

We developed a state-of-the art, mobile-first learning platform that allows for data-driven instant feedback to maximize your personal study progress.

Our Learning Approach

We teach in a collaborative environment and employ challenged-based and active learning methods. Our engaging content is not only focused on developing skills, but a mindset geared towards growth.

Our Curriculum

The SET-Program is structured on the key elements of future knowledge: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology. We believe these three are key to your success.

Our Story

Christian Rebernik and Thomas Funke have known each other for years, and decided while homeschooling during the COVID-19 lockdown to take on redesigning education for the future. Christian’s background as CTO and serial entrepreneur and Thomas’ expertise in academics and entrepreneurship make them the perfect team to execute this vision for Tomorrow’s Education. Learn more about them in our article: The future of education is in your pocket

Meet Our Team

Our team is built the way we build our program - There is no university campus, as there is no office. Our team works remotely from around the world, asynchronous, leveraging digital technologies to solve the challenges that come up along the way. We look for the unique contribution that each person can make and how we can work most effectively together for maximum impact.
We're building the future of education for you.

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    Student Success
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    HR & Legal
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