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by Julia Rosner

SET is the degree for the future

At Tomorrow’s Education, we asked ourselves: How can we support changemakers who want to shape the future? With the Professional Master Program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET) we have come up with a unique program that provides the skills and tools to prepare yourself for what’s ahead. Here is why we focus on SET and why the combination of all three is crucial!

by Jeannet Kiesling

Founding Club Stories: Kasia Parsz

When Kasia applied to Tomorrow’s Education, she knew what she was looking for. Describing herself as tech-savvy, pragmatic and creative, she wanted a learning environment where she could not only acquire new skills, but also get inspired.

by Jeannet Kiessling, Ph.D.

The Growth Mindset

For the longest time, we have used grades to measure the success of learning. Grades generally open or close doors for us. They decide whether we can study at a highly-ranked university, whether we can enter competitive fields like medicine or law, and whether we continue on to graduate school.

by Jeannet Kiessling

Founding Club Stories: Max Elster

Find out what convinced Max to join Tomorrow's Education and become one of the first five students to join our Funding Club. Curious about his personal story?

by Dr. Kevin Bauer

Expl(AI)ning it

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the synthesis of human intelligence. To this end, the field draws from various different disciplines including psychology, neurobiology, behavioral science, and engineering.

by Jeannet Kiessling, Ph.D.

Traditional Teaching Methods Are Being Challenged!

The sweeping rise of online education has not only provided us with new learning platforms, it has also led us to question how we learn. A year after endless Zoom-meetings, it is clear that traditional ways of teaching don’t get any better just because they are online.

by Jeannet Kiessling, Ph.D.

Laying the Foundation for Success: Start with a Personal Mission Statement!

We all dream big sometimes. Turning a dream into reality is where it gets tricky. Your ideas might vanish into oblivion if you don’t know how to approach the next steps. What differentiates successful people from dreamers?

by Dr. Thomas Funke

The Future of Education Just Happened

Pandemic. Crisis. Recession. We are currently experiencing a shockwave across almost all sectors of the economy. Economists found that there was already a 5% decrease in GDP in Germany alone in 2020. Other countries were hit even harder. More so, the current projections of a shrinking economy are just the tip of the iceberg.

by Christian Rebernik

To Make a Better Tomorrow, Let’s Fix Education Today

I was the average kid. My parents didn’t push me. My friends didn’t push me. Only my grandparents said I needed to study to become successful. For me learning was without relevance: why would I need to learn history, physics or biology? It was boring. So I studied for exams, but only to pass them.

by Christian Rebernik & Dr. Thomas Funke

The Future of Education is in your Pocket

Online education has seen a radical boost in 2020. We embraced it as a necessity to continue learning throughout the pandemic, but most of us quickly saw the shortcomings of long and boring Zoom meetings. Certainly, anybody with kids can relate to it. After a full day of video conferencing and little if any interaction, they feel drained and far from being inspired.