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July 14, 2021

Founding Club Stories: Pooja Mathur

Amber Riedl

Pooja Mathur is a Project Manager in the healthcare sector, and one of the Tomorrow’s Education Founding Club students. She lives in Boston, MA and has professional connections to two major Ivy league schools in the area - she is currently working at a Harvard Medical School research lab managing clinical trials, and has participated in an accelerator program at Yale for a start-up she co-founded in public health. Pooja believes “You’ve got to build your dream brick by brick.” The decision to participate in the Professional Masters program is another brick in her journey.

Pooja studied History and Political Science as an undergrad at Mount Holyoke College, she is passionate about health care, specifically at the intersection of women’s health and technology. She has been working in medical research for eight years, testing new and better ways of diagnosing, preventing and treating disease. This fits in well with the way Pooja describes her skill set, in her words: “I have a solutions oriented mindset and love coming up with creative products that appeal to new markets or are more efficient.”

Pooja’s interests and professional background is the perfect example for purpose driving impact.

Her love of data, her analytical and creative skills, combined with her passion for building economically and socially just communities have been shaping how she contributes to a better tomorrow for a long time. When Pooja sees something that could be better - she seeks to deeply understand the problem, so she can create solutions:

The area where she lived was hit hard by the opioid crisis, so she co-developed Opiostop, an app that helps physicians choose alternatives to prescribing opioids. With heightened focus on public hygiene during the pandemic, she is tackling the issue through a portable device company she co-founded called Bezet, which her team developed while participating in an accelerator program at Yale University. Pooja has often traveled in Asia, and while there, statistics that she read on women’s unmet health needs became real.  Back in the US, her growing passion for health justice led her to gain experience as a doula helping women through pregnancy and  also volunteer with Planned Parenthood as a sexual health hotline counselor. 

Pooja’s #bettertomorrow is providing better access to and products for women’s health, especially in emerging markets - and has the vision to start a b2c women’s health company. It was the strong focus on both entrepreneurship, data and sustainability that drew her to Tomorrow’s Education - where she believes she can create a blueprint for starting this business.

Mission identification and purpose statements are part of the Tomorrow's Education application process & learning journey

The entrepreneurial focus of the team and the approach of using business to create positive change were at the heart of her decision to join the program, as well as the international and diverse professional backgrounds of the students in the cohorts: she enjoys studying with people from different industries because it leads to unique idea generation.

Pooja is currently responsible for a large clinical trial that aims to reduce delirium in patients after serious cardiac surgeries, and completing her Professional Masters degree in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology on the job. Her experience and vision earned her the Tomorrow’s Education Global Changemaker scholarship. We wish her best of luck in her journey and will support her in her mission to make reproductive and women’s health more efficient and accessible around the world. 

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