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April 22, 2021

Founding Club Stories: Clemens Hintner

by Jeannet Kiessling

Clemens Hintners goal in life is to solve real-world problems for society. To that effect, he already fulfills his mission. The 33-year old Project Manager works for a leading German nonprofit organisation, aiming to further the inclusion of special needs children and adults. “I find true fulfillment in knowing that nobody is left behind”, says Clemens who will begin his Professional Master’s program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology this week at Tomorrow’s Education. 

Clemens made his Bachelors in media and cultural studies at Cologne University and is ready to take his goal to the next level. He is a social entrepreneur at heart, who is seeking to learn how to leverage the entrepreneurial spirit in the social sector.  Learning and Networking is what he signed up for at Tomorrow’s Education. He is ready to acquire the skills needed to implement his ideas, but more than anything, he hopes to find like-minded students with whom he can discuss new and innovative concepts. “I am really looking forward to the networking opportunities in this program and hope to be able to find a partner for my business ideas.” 

Lately, Clemens has developed an ever increasing interest in early childhood education. Describing himself as tech-affine, he is naturally drawn to how digital solutions could help to improve learning in this age group. “The main question is to figure out the right amount of technology.” Developing an educational environment for early childhood appeals to Clemens on other levels too. He is keen on thinking about products and services that are sustainable and meaningful to customers. “I like to start by asking ‘why’? This allows me to structure my ideas and get the big picture. From there, I will develop my ideas further.”

Clemens showed off his analytical skills at Tomorrow’s Scholarship competition, earning him a EUR 10.000 reward for his creative solution. The problem he tackled was posted  by DPD and focused on how the logistics company could intelligently handle the increasing number of packages in the face of strong fluctuations and varying capacity utilizations. Clemens’ solution proved to be simple, yet effective: He proposed a shared delivery service that connected different providers sharing the same customer. “Consolidating these services is not only better for the environment, it also helps the people to plan their day better.” Whereas customers have to sit at home and wait for their different orders, Clemens’ shared delivery service would deliver several orders in one slot. 

When Clemens joins the Founding Cohort of Tomorrow’s Education this week, he will be surrounded by an international and diverse group of peers. “I very much like getting to know other people.” His interest took him to Australia after high school, where he brushed up on his language skills during a work and travel program. Shortly after, he went to Peru to spend his civil service helping school kids with their homework. “I wanted to break out of my comfort zone,” he explains. With this mindset, Clemens is prepared to start his Master’s program. “If you really want to change things, you have to try something new.” Well, Clemens, you came to the right place and we welcome you to a new chapter in your life!