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Frequently Asked Questions About Tomorrow’s Education

Thanks for wanting to learn more about Tomorrow’s Education. Below are some of the most common questions folks have about our organization and programs, organized by category.
If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out or book a meeting with Co-Founder, Dr. Thomas Funke — you've got questions, we've got answers.


How does the admissions process work at Tomorrow’s Education?
The admissions process requires 5 steps:
  • Complete an eligibility check or speak with our admissions team.
  • Submit an application to Tomorrow’s Education.
  • Upload your information to WU Executive Academy.
  • Attend an admissions interview with Tomorrow’s Education & the WU Executive Academy
  • Sign the admissions contract with WU Executive Academy. 
What is an eligibility check?
An eligibility check is a simple web-form in which you submit your contact information along with details about your work and educational experience. Our admission team will review this information and get back to you. Alternatively, you can always schedule a meeting with someone from our admissions team to discuss your eligibility.
What is required in the application to Tomorrow’s Education?
After confirming your eligibility, you can apply for a Tomorrow’s Education program. Typically, the application requirements include your contact details, your LinkedIn or CV, a personal mission statement, and a 1-page letter of motivation for the program.
Why do I need to upload my information to WU Executive Academy?
The WU Executive Academy are our education partners who provide the double accreditation of our degree programs and ensure a high quality education experience. Due to GDPR requirements, you’ll need to upload your information to the WU Executive Academy on their website after your Tomorrow’s Education application has been submitted and reviewed. Your admission’s contact will provide you with additional details for completing this part of the process.
What is the admissions interview like?
The admissions interview is a ~30 minute online interview in which the Dean of the WU Executive Academy professional master’s program and Tomorrow’s Education staff assess your motivations for the program and confirm your English language abilities. 
When do I have to commit to the program?
After a successful admissions interview, you will receive notification of your acceptance into the program and be provided with a legal-binding tuition contract between you and WU Executive Academy. Once you have signed this contract and paid the minimum tuition deposit, you have committed to the program.
Will this program allow me to apply for a student visa to Germany or Austria?
After you have signed the contract and paid the deposit to WU Executive Academy, you will be an officially enrolled student at an Austrian university. Depending on your specific situation, it may be possible for you to apply for a student visa to Austria (but not Germany). Please check out this link with the WU Executive Academy for more information.

Please note that this is a mobile-first degree program. While Tomorrow’s Education is happy to support you coming to the EU as a student, we can make no guarantees about visa requests. Completing a professional master’s degree will have important fiscal and professional implications for your career. Hence, we recommend that you apply to the program because of the educational experience it can provide, and not simply because of the visa options it affords.
What happens if I am not accepted into the program?
The admissions team will work with you to determine the best next steps, on a case by case basis. For example, if you simply lack the professional work or education experience required for acceptance, we can work with you to help you apply for a future cohort or a different program. 

Tuition & Scholarships 

Do I have to pay the entire tuition at once?
You will need to pay 10% of your total tuition as confirmation fee to reserve your study placement. Then, the remaining balance can be paid in 1 - 5 installments over the course of the program, depending on the installment type of your choice.
How can I finance my tuition?
There are different ways of financing your studies. Most students use a mix of financing options ranging from student jobs and saving, to scholarships or governmental support.. If you need further assistance please contact our admission team.
How can I make payments?
Payments can be made via bank transfer to the IBAN listed on your invoice. For folks outside of the EU, we recommend looking at transfer services (for example, to make your tuition payments.
Can I get 100% (full-ride) scholarships?
Currently, Tomorrow’s Education does not offer 100% scholarships. We recommend applying for scholarships within your country of residence, or inquiring with your employer about financing your education. 
Can my work or company pay for this program?
Yes! We are happy to work with your employer to help finance this degree, in part or in full. Please reach out to our Biz Development team to ask them to speak with your manager. 
If I sign the admissions contract, and then afterwards my company agrees to pay for the program, can I change who the invoices are sent to?
Yes, this is no problem. Please just inform us and we can work to change who the invoice is sent to.