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Our Approach
Our approach to learning begins with your personal mission statement to make learning more efficient, rewarding, and impact-oriented. Our challenge-based methodology encourages you to identify the problem, think about the solution, and identify the right tool or strategy to solve it — in real time. We work with problems from the startup and business world to ensure real life application and relevance.

Learning Philosophy

Disruptive technologies are launching faster than humans can learn them. Creating opportunities to apply these technologies to solve tomorrow's problems today is at the center of our approach. We prepare you to become a perpetual learner — we start with your purpose, to make learning intentional and drive better results. You'll build on your strengths and apply these competencies in a global community to drive positive change as you work on your career goals.

Why learn this way? A completely new learning journey in higher education.

Not everyone learns the same way. All programs are delivered fully online and available 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Our challenge-based approach puts an emphasis on competencies developed and not grades defined by a rubric. The pacing and desired outcome is up to you — goals and results determine your mastery of a topic, not pre-defined criteria which stunts creativity. We believe each learner has their own educational path. We help you design a program based on your current skills, knowledge, and goals. Wherever you want to go, we'll help you get there.

Starts with why: Having a purpose and targeted interest provides intentionality for better learning results. 

Competency-based: Is individual and about mastery. It moves from measuring time to measuring learning.

Challenge-based: Actively engages you to solve real-world problems through a solution oriented approach.

Builds meaningful relationships: Community of peers, industry leaders, and mentors giving you a world class network to accelerate personal and professional growth.

Paced and individualized: Four phases of varied lengths provide personalized and calibrated learning at your pace. Go as fast or as slow as your schedule allows.

Our Method: Change Through Challenge 

Our challenge-based methodology was inspired by an outdated educational system that impeded student engagement. Giving learners the skills and knowledge to find solutions to economic, social, and environmental problems of the 21st century sparked our interest in new pedagogical approaches. 

Challenge-based learning is an innovative pedagogy — it has its roots in experiential learning or “learning through reflection on doing”. When faced with a challenge, successful groups and individuals leverage experience, harness internal and external resources, develop a plan, and move forward to find the best solution. Along the way, there is experimentation, some failure, and much success.

Expertise in Higher Education

Meet our Co-Founder & Chief Academic Officer Dr. Thomas Funke
& Director of Education Joanne Roxburgh

Dr. Thomas Funke

Co-Founder, Chief Academic Officer

Thomas has more than 15 years of professional experience in the education sector, as a lecturer in entrepreneurship and innovation at the Goethe University Frankfurt as well as the WU Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). He additionally founded the start up TechQuartier, and sits on the advisory board of the Eintracht Frankfurt soccer club and

Joanne Roxburgh

Director of Education

Joanne is passionate about initiatives which enhance and transform education and access to lifelong learning through technology. She has developed and implemented online and blended learning solutions for some of the world’s leading universities, colleges, multinational education companies, non-profit organizations, and EdTech start-ups. Her research interests relate to online learning communities and diverse learning cohorts within online programmes.