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Learning is a journey - in personal growth and career development

Grow with us : We are here to make your learning journey as effective, fun and relevant as possible and to create an environment which empowers you to create the positive change and impact you want to see. Whether this means entering with a business idea and leaving with a startup, or entering with a professional development goal and leaving with more opportunities in your career - you will grow and gain relevance.

A completely new learning journey in higher education

Our holistic approach towards supporting personal and professional growth with the mission of empowering our learners to create impact is reflected in our learning philosophy, our curriculum and our community. 
Starting with best practice in learning science and technology, designed so you can make an impact, our approach results in a new way of seeing higher education - a way that starts with why, that fits to you as an individual, that moves from measuring time to measuring learning, that is about solving problems rather than memorizing facts and that builds meaningful relationships and knowledge networks.

The learning philosophy at Tomorrow’s Education 

Let’s start with why we learn: To grow personally and professionally and become more effective in what we do. Our learning philosophy reflects this first principle thinking and makes learning personal. Our approach is individualized and challenge-based, to enable learners to move from learning knowledge to applying knowledge and skills to directly solve problems and work on solutions and begin with purpose, or mission identification. This provides a focus and direction for learning, making it more efficient, and ultimately impactful.

Learners are supported in building or acquiring competencies throughout the program. How fast or slow you master competencies is up to you - all our programs are paced & individualized, meaning education should fit your life and your goals -and you set the pace at which you progress. This is designed to reflect our  both make learning compatible with all the other areas of your life - work, family, commitments - and promote academic exploration and excellence.

Challenges are the new courses

Challenge based learning is an innovative pedagogy that actively engages students in relevant problems that exist in their environments and that require a solution. With roots in experiential learning or “learning through reflection on doing”, challenge-based learning has emerged through the frustration with an outdated educational system combined with a widespread lack of student engagement and a different type of skill set required to solve the complex economic, social, and environmental problems of the 21st century.

Challenges require learners to leverage experience, harness internal and external resources, develop a plan and push forward to find the best solution. Along the way, there is experimentation, failure, success and ultimately consequences for actions. This makes learning relevant in a practical way, and creates urgency, passion, and ownership.

How do challenges work at Tomorrow’s Education?

Challenges are central to our learning approach at Tomorrow’s Education and are built into each stage of the curriculum, to support student development along their entrepreneurial journey.

Our courses provide a base of knowledge, from which to address the challenges in the curriculum. At Tomorrow’s Education, learners get solo and group challenges to work through in each of the course blocks, including the Grand Challenges around the Sustainable Development Goals towards the end of the program.

Throughout each course learners receive guidance and support from academic staff and mentors with subject area expertise, as well as from their peers. A successfully completed challenge is when learners combine a desire to make a difference with a demonstration of content mastery.

For example, in the module Teams and People Management the goal is to create more productive, professional relationships and an ability to work with different types of people, an essential skill to become a more effective manager in today’s complex, global, and highly interdependent organizations. The Solo Challenge builds self awareness and asks learners to create a personal user manual and challenge this with a peer, building competency in mindful leadership. This prepares the learners for the associated Group Challenge on organizational design which asks them to build a team, create a team skillprint and work together to create an investment thesis based on a data set provided, create a two-page investment teaser and pitch this idea in front of a live investment jury.

Expertise in higher education

Meet our Co-Founder & Chief Academic Officer Thomas Funke
& Director of Education Joanne Roxburgh

Dr. Thomas Funke

Co-Founder, Chief Academic Officer

Thomas has more than 15 years of professional experience in the education sector, as a lecturer in entrepreneurship and innovation at the Goethe University Frankfurt as well as the WU Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). He additionally founded the start up TechQuartier, and sits on the advisory board of the Eintracht Frankfurt soccer club and

Joanne Roxburgh

Director of Education

Joanne is passionate about initiatives which enhance and transform education and access to lifelong learning through technology. She has developed and implemented online and blended learning solutions for some of the world’s leading universities, colleges, multinational education companies, non-profit organizations, and EdTech start-ups. Her research interests relate to online learning communities and diverse learning cohorts within online programmes.